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R.V. Rules and Regulations

1. Only commercially manufactured motor homes, mini-motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and truck campers in good condition, good appearance, which are totally self-contained and/or require full hookups, will be accepted.  Truck campers must remain attached to the truck at all times and may not be removed.
2. NOT PERMITTED as recreational vehicles are tents, fold-out campers, pop-ups, non- commercial conversions of trailers, trucks, busses, and any type of park model trailer.
3. A recreational vehicle and a transportation vehicle will be permitted only on units where no violation of setback limits or parking requirements will result.

a.         Ten feet (10’) from the water’s edge. (If applicable).
b.         One foot (1’) from the sanitary sewer side line of the property.
c.          Five feet (5’) from all other property lines.

4. A completely paved driveway with a minimum length of fifteen feet (15’), as measured on the short side, and a minimum width of ten feet (10’) and a maximum of twelve feet (12’), must be provided. Driveways must completely enclose any transportation vehicle parked thereon.
5. No major appliance shall be located on the unit outside the R.V. except in a storage box. (Storage box must comply with other V.O. Rules).

6. Recreational vehicles shall not be permanently sighted within Venture Out.

7. All recreational vehicles are subject to the approval of Venture Out Management. Recreational vehicles shall be inspected for condition, appearance, and road readiness.

TRASH PICKUP: MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. DO NOT leave loose plastic bags of garbage on the curbside.
You are provided with a trash can in the ground at your unit. Garbage should be placed in plastic bags, then in metal can, which must be set on curbside on the morning of pickup.

RECYCLING DAY: WEDNESDAY – Glass, aluminum cans, newspapers, plastic 2 liter bottles, etc.

TV RECEPTION: Your lot may be equipped with cable T.V.
Note: If you are renting or the guest of an owner, you are a guest of every owner of this park. All the facilities available for your enjoyment are made possible financially and otherwise by all owners. To protect our investment we have established the aforementioned Rules & Regulations to which all of us must adhere. We ask that you abide by them to ensure that these privileges will not be denied to you. Please read and obey the posted Rules for use of the pool, spa lounge, tennis courts, etc.

I have read the above and understand that the Board of Directors of Venture Out may terminate the rental of any tenant at any time for breach or violation of the above Rules and Regulations and other governing the operation of the Park or any of its occupants.