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Venture Out Charges:

Registration Fee due upon arrival up to (6) people as of July 1, 2023: $116.28 +7.5% Tax = $125 (cash or credit card is accepted) PAID DIRECTLY TO VENTURE OUT.


A.  Only one recreation vehicle and one automobile (or automotive transportation vehicle) are permitted on each lot, and the vehicle must be parked on the paved driveway.

B.   If your vehicle does not fit in your unit’s driveway you must park it in overflow parking. Due to the various lengths of vehicles and individual unit’s parking spaces we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will fit. Trailers and additional vehicles also must be parked in the overflow parking lot.

C.   You must register at either the Guard Gate or Venture Out office if you need Overflow Parking when you arrive (all vehicles in excess of one).
Daily Rates:  $5.00 under 20 ft. or $10.00 for 20 ft. or over.



1. Each and every lot in the Park is PRIVATE PROPERTY. You are entitled to the use of the lot you are renting and the Common Use Areas.
DO NOT TRESPASS on your neighbor’s property.

2. QUIET HOURS must be observed between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Excessive noise or other nuisances are not permitted in the Park at any time.

3. Bicycles used after dark must be equipped with working headlights and tail reflector, or the rider must carry a flashlight. When walking after dark, please carry a lighted flashlight. WALK ON LEFT, BIKE ON RIGHT.

4. No overnight sleeping outside your unit is permitted. This includes sleeping in boats, vans or other transportation vehicles.

5. No boat, boat trailer or excess vehicle is permitted on any lot. They must be parked in the Park Overflow Lot. See charges above.

6. Only one recreation vehicle and one automobile (or automotive transportation vehicle) are permitted on each lot, and the vehicle must be parked on the paved portion of the driveway.

7. You must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized and/or battery powered vehicle in the Park. Such vehicle must be equipped with an effective noise-reducing muffler. It may be used for transportation and, if so, it must be parked completely in the driveway. Golf carts may be parked on the marked area adjacent to the driveway.

8. No vehicle or trailer may be parked on the street overnight. If for any reason, you need to be parked on the street after 11:00 PM, please contact the guard on duty at the guard house. Phone number is (305) 745-1982.

9. Your boat may be docked only at the unit you are renting.

10. Parents are responsible for the safety and discipline of their children.

11. Florida Law requires the use of rubber sewer collars on sewer hoses at the point of entry. Collars are available at the Park Store.

12. No visible clothes lines are permitted on any lot. Lines are provided behind each bathhouse.

13. Open fires are prohibited except for gas or charcoal grills.

14.  Florida Law prohibits throwing trash in the canals or adjacent waters.

15.  No one shall discharge a firearm in the Park. This includes air rifles and spear guns.

16.  Fireworks are prohibited.

17.  Please do not take lobster from the Venture Out canals.

18.  Pets must be kept on a leash not more than 8 feet long. No more than two (2) pets are permitted. Pets are confined to your lot – no walking a pet in the Park. You must pick up after your pet. Note: The owner of rental unit may, at his discretion, refuse permission to keep a pet on the premises.

19.  No more than six (6) persons may occupy one lot.

20.  No more than 1- 6 gallon gas tanks are permitted on the property.

TRASH PICKUP: MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. DO NOT leave loose plastic bags of garbage on the curbside.
You are provided with a trash can in the ground at your unit. Garbage should be placed in plastic bags, then in metal can, which must be set on curbside on the morning of pickup.

RECYCLING DAY: WEDNESDAY – Glass, aluminum cans, newspapers, plastic 2 liter bottles, etc.

TV RECEPTION: Your lot may be equipped with cable T.V.